Internet Explorer 9, Will it change the way you Facebook or is it a show?

Browsing the web has always required the use of an internet browser. Originally this was text based, a horror for today’s young internet users. Then there was the first of the graphical browsers, Netscape Navigator, which was my first step into the graphical web. Microsoft responded to Netscape with the very first Internet Explorer in 1995 and they have now responded to the likes of Firefox and Chrome with their latest version, IE9.

IE9 is to be a leapfrog from behind in the way we use browsers to a possible leader with its adoption of HTML5 and the impressive demonstrations of graphical hardware acceleration shown in tests you can find at their test site.

Follow this link to read more about Microsoft’s launch of IE9 and the reception from the media.

There’s a new Internet Explorer out there, but how will it change the way you Facebook? |

To get yourself a copy of the Beta and see for yourself check out

And for another, but not surprisingly view;

Internet Explorer 9 Beta Drops. It’s Lean, Fast and Modern

Now for my solid opinion. I’ve been using IE9 now since Friday and I must say I’m not disappointed. I feel some elements of chrome and it still has it’s add-ons which everyone knows from Firefox, but considering it is a beta, it’s well crafted and looks smooth. It performs well handling a large number of tabs quite well and moves between windows without issue. I also like the pin to taskbar options and the added extra’s that this brings to the page.

I was skeptical of the praise handed over by all the journos that were offered a free lunch by Microsoft but after a brief test drive I think they would have said the same things of the browser, free lunch or no.

I applaud Microsoft for their move in the right direction for the browser. I do believe though that their complacency till now was a shame and hope that they’ve learned this lesson well.

I have just had to remove IE9 from my Windows 7 laptop. It is still in beta so a blue screen isn’t something that isn’t on the cards. If you can’t afford to have blue screen moments then it would be best to wait for some more testing to be done.

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