Gmail Security Checklist

Security is a big issue when it comes to protecting your data and the data of your family, friends and company. Gooogle has released their own security checklist to allow you to evaluate how secure you own environment is.

Gmail Security Checklist

Once you have run though this checklist you can too can be a Google security ninja.

Titular Adjectival

Have you given or been given a Titular Adjective? What is a Titular Adjective? I’m glad you asked. A Titular Adjective is a descriptive word that is used as a title for a person or thing. You would see it often used in IT to call a Sys-Admin a Geek. Having once been used as an adjective to describe someone as an intelligent but socially inept person, it is now given as a title to those who can understand the inner working and easily manage today’s technology. This title, which was once derogatory is now a badge of pride. Read more…

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