Samsung’s crazy CES 2011 keynote — the highlight reel — Engadget

As a tech guy I would love to attend at least 1 CES and 1 E3 in my life just to see the awesome new technology. Being in Australia makes that a little hard at the moment but if the Samsung’s keynote is anything to go by, the longer I leave it the more crazy and wild it’ll become as shown by Engadget’s highlight reel.

It’s been nearly a week and we’re still trying to figure out exactly what was going on during Samsung’s wild CES 2011 keynote – even though we liveblogged it, talked about it on the showcast, and named it best presser of CES, we’re not sure you can fully understand the insanity of the dancers, the random moments, and a futureboy named Zoll unless you’ve seen it yourself. Samsung’s put the whole thing up on YouTube in six segments you can find the first below but we cut together a little highlight reel you can watch above. Trust us — it’s worth it.

via Samsung’s crazy CES 2011 keynote — the highlight reel — Engadget.

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