Global Spam Volume on the Decline, Report Shows

Hey, here’s some good news: it looks like spam is on the decline. According to Symantec’s latest State of Spam and Phishing report, the volume of spam and junk mail in circulation around the world has been decreasing steadily since August, and dropped noticeably around Christmas. No one has a concrete explanation for the drop-off, but Symantec’s Eric Park suggests that the demise of major botnets may have played a role.

The notorious Rustock botnet, for example, virtually disappeared after December 25th. Once the most powerful botnet in all the land, Rustock now accounts for less than 0.5-percent of all the world’s spam. Two other big-time botnets, the Lethic and the Xarvester, have also gone mysteriously quiet in recent weeks. So, why did these botnets suddenly stop spamming? No one knows. But, until they start up again, we should all enjoy our (relatively) clean inboxes while we can.

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Hard Drive Peppered With Buckshot, Lives to Tell the Tale

ioSafe loves its gimmicky demos at CES. In years past, the company has drowned drives and run them over, just to show how durable they are. This year, ioSafe fired four 12-gauge shotgun shells into one, and, needless to say, it survived. We wish ioSafe would have invited us to shoot a drive, but we’ll just have to make do with the video below.

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Conflicting IP’s

I returned from the Christmas holidays earlier this week and thought it well overdue for me to post an update. I had intended to update in short bursts via my mobile during my time away. It’s amazing what you can achieve on Opera Mobile with a little patience. But I had been noticing some issues on the server when trying to access the site in the evenings and at night. This became more pronounced as I was away and finally on the weekend I lost all remote contact with the server.
I was eager to return to work to figure out what was causing the issue and found that I was now receiving IIS errors. Quite odd as I run a linux apache server. I managed to trace down the culprit after much consternation as being another VPS server on the same host as my own. This was an issue in itself as the owner was away on leave and wouldn’t return until next week. I had to get my server back online as I had now lost email services that I heavily rely on. Calling the owner failed to get a response and after two days of attempted contact I received a return text message apologizing for the problems and that as a test box it could be turned off. If only I had know that earlier. After halting the conflicting VPS all of my services returned to normal.
The other odd this about this is the fact that he had not touched his VPS in around a month and I only lost complete contact with mine just last weekend.
Have you had an IP conflict issue and how did you track it to it’s source to resolve the problem?

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