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I find it really heartwarming when I read about simple solutions to problems that can cause the greatest of issues. A bit thanks to Charmian Gaud for her post on iTWire.

I have a hearing disability and despite very expensive hearing aids I find it almost impossible to hear what’s being said at public meetings. I’ve tried the induction loop at theatres, and although some hearing is possible it is still an enormous struggle.

During the next couple of weeks I must attend a government advisory committee and I know hearing will be nigh impossible. I’ve visited the site to test the induction loop and it’s like the theatre – OK, but not really good.

So what does an Apple fan do when faced with a problem? She searches for an appropriate app for her iPhone.

soundAMP R ($5.99) is the most wonderful app for anyone who is hard of hearing. I am gobsmacked by how well it works. It seems like sound is magnified fourfold, and it has a range finder so you can ‘zoom in’ according to the distance from the sound source.

via iTWire – One app can make a difference.

European Union’s ‘One charger for all’ starts sampling, coming this year — Engadget

It was way back in summer of 2009 that Nokia, Apple, RIM, and the rest of the mobile world agreed to make micro-USB the connector around which all future European chargers would be built. Since then, most of those companies have transitioned their hardware to micro-USB without further prompting, but the European Union is still pushing ahead with a universally compatible charger standard to make sure everything is nice and harmonized. The details of what’s expected of these chargers were published in December and now the first samples of the new hardware have been produced. The EU expects all manufacturers to have chargers adhering to the new guidelines by the end of 2011 — and if you’re wondering about how Apple, one of the signatories to this agreement, will handle it, there’s a note to say that adapters will be allowed on phones without a micro-USB port. Full press release after the break.

via European Union’s ‘One charger for all’ starts sampling, coming this year — Engadget.

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