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I was looking around at some of the entertaining and creative 404 pages that sites have put up to help visitors once they have browsed to a missing page or come across some error. In my search I came across this article about the nature of the web and why we may 404’s in the fist place. It makes me in-vision the web as a more ad-hoc, haphazard disc world and less glistening and perfect that it sometimes seems.

The web is like any other sprawling city, and maybe worse: it’s so damn rickety it’s a minor miracle it hasn’t collapsed entirely. When you link, you do so trusting that the data to which you direct your readers won’t just up and disappear into the virtual ether. Except that, inevitably, it will — the short history of the web has established that much. We live somewhere, we leave, it becomes forgotten, and then we come back years later to find our old haunts brutally 404’d.

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