Consolidating with N40L HP Microserver

I’ve managed to collect a decent amount of server hardware in my time in IT. This includes a good old fashion beige rack, some single RU ProLiant servers, several LPR’s, some HP DL380’s (G1 through to G3’s). I’ve also managed to pick up a few switches and also built my own tunnel server for access. But all this is starting to get a little overkill for what I really want to do with it. Granted the G3’s are cool and when hooked up to my tunnel server for iSCSI NAS they are quite useful for the LAN’s as they can adjust to the load, however they do not need to be on all the time and I’m looking to downsize so it’s easier for me to maintain.

HP N40L Microserver

HP's N40L Microserver

In comes the N40L or so I’m hoping. I have been keeping my eye on the original microserver from HP, the N36L and it’s big brother is just as enticing. I’ve had many of my collegues pick up a couple of these and their versitility has been expounded by all of them. From VPN servers, NAS and Terminal servers to web servers, LAMP servers and virtual hosts they are able to run quite a few configurations that would keep any home IT specialist or small business happy.

The price point for the server is also very attractive. Starting around $270 from some suppliers and with talk of a possible $199 special like was run for the N36L this machine is well within the reach of most. The current prices of HDD’s though are a hinderance to the functionality of the server. Containing a single 250GB drive, it would cost around $800 to fully populate it with 2TB drives, something I know most would want to do.

Issues aside, I know that this will be my next iteration of my home environment and I hope to give everyone a thorough run down of how I built it when it’s completed. Until then, let me know if you’ve used any of HP’s microservers and what you think of them.

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