Defiance: TV Show or Game

I’ve just had a look at the trailer for Defiance and I’m interested in what this might turn out like. From what I can see there is a good cast of characters.
Grant Bowler has always been a draw card for me, ever since his work on “Outrageous Fortune”, a New Zealand drama series. He seems to get regular work hosting reality shows but when he gets a shot at some fictional drama it’s good to watch.
Julie Benz many would know for Dexter is a fantastic actress and has a wonderful subtle way of moving an audience. I know that many of the people i speak to about her leaving Dexter had the same “OMG, how did that happen” type of response. Also a SciFi veteran of Buffy and Angel, I’m sure she can bring something special to this series also.
I first saw Jamie Murray as a seductive con artist in the British TV show Hustle and I felt she established a relationship with the viewers during here stint. Also a special guest on Dexter she has already established a working relationship with Benz so we’ll see how they can reignite any chemistry they may have had on the Dexter set.
The catch though with this show is that it has a tie-in game being released today. There was a beta weekend a while ago and most of the reports I heard were less than stellar. One reviewer in particular though, is interested in the show/game story links and hopes that this raises the game from ‘Meh’ to ‘Decent’. Having not yet played the game myself I’ll have to reserve my judgement. For those of you who have or are getting your pre-order delivered, how did the game play for you and is the impending series going to encourage you to play the game for the duration?
View the trailer for the show below and tell us what you think in the comments.

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