Search YouTube Videos Without A Browser With Desktube TV

So, I have been searching though the Make Use Of articles and I’ve found another beauty. I enjoy searching through youtube for classic vids but I also like to have a few browser windows open. In Firefox this can get a little painful as the memory footprint goes up with every new tab. A good way to combat this is to not open another tab. Open Desktube!

With all of the things that I do in my browser, the last thing I need is to open yet another tab in an already busy and cluttered browser session. When it comes to YouTube, I personally use the popular video service for four or five different purposes, including embedding interesting video content into my blog, researching information and sometimes just to sit back and watch random and entertaining videos.

To do this, I usually just open up yet another tab in my browser and start doing a YouTube search. However, it would be really useful to have a desktop app to just search YouTube and access everything from the site that I could access from my own YouTube account. Back in 2006, Aibek actually reviewed an app like this called FireAnt, but this and other apps we’ve covered at MUO are mostly intended to download YouTube videos to the local computer.

There are lots of cool desktop video programs out there, such as Hulu Desktop which Stefan covered. But since I spend most of my time pouring through YouTube for cool content, I was really excited to discover Desktube.TV, which is exclusive to only YouTube videos.

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