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I’ve just come back from illness and it was a lot of time spent not being able to log in. Initially I was too out of it to connect, but after being admitted to hospital and getting the appropriate treatment I found that the cannulas in my arm caused me a distinct inability to type. This meant for 5 days I found it extremely difficult to type or even use the mouse. Five days of not logging in found me sleepless at night wondering how many emails were piling up and what issues may be creeping into my server configuration. Fortunately for me the emails were simple enough to deal with and the server configuration is robust enough that it lasted the five days. I’m really not sure that I want to have to live without my connection again. I might even go so far as to say it was the worst part of the illness. Are you the sort of person who can’t go without logging in ? How long have you been away from the net before you’ve been compelled to check you email, Facebook or Twitter feed?

Broadband users are two- screen champs | The Australian

Broadband users are champions of the second screen, with three out of four people with home broadband surfing the internet while watching TV according to a study.The global study by telecommunications analyst Ovum found that more than half of people using an internet connection while watching TV used it to chase up further information on the content they were viewing.”38 per cent said they use the net to discuss the TV program on social networking sites such as Facebook, an element of the so called ‘social TV’ phenomenon,” the report said.

via Broadband users are two- screen champs | The Australian.

Creating accounts in linux

The quick way I’ve found to create accounts in linux is as follows;

groupadd (user admin group)
adduser (user) -G (user admin group) -s /bin/bash
echo "(password)" | passwd --stdin "(user)"

doing this on a single server is probably overkill and you could type it out in the time it takes to set it up and run, but if you’re working on an environment this save’s plenty of time over a bunch of servers.

Search YouTube Videos Without A Browser With Desktube TV

So, I have been searching though the Make Use Of articles and I’ve found another beauty. I enjoy searching through youtube for classic vids but I also like to have a few browser windows open. In Firefox this can get a little painful as the memory footprint goes up with every new tab. A good way to combat this is to not open another tab. Open Desktube!

With all of the things that I do in my browser, the last thing I need is to open yet another tab in an already busy and cluttered browser session. When it comes to YouTube, I personally use the popular video service for four or five different purposes, including embedding interesting video content into my blog, researching information and sometimes just to sit back and watch random and entertaining videos.

To do this, I usually just open up yet another tab in my browser and start doing a YouTube search. However, it would be really useful to have a desktop app to just search YouTube and access everything from the site that I could access from my own YouTube account. Back in 2006, Aibek actually reviewed an app like this called FireAnt, but this and other apps we’ve covered at MUO are mostly intended to download YouTube videos to the local computer.

There are lots of cool desktop video programs out there, such as Hulu Desktop which Stefan covered. But since I spend most of my time pouring through YouTube for cool content, I was really excited to discover Desktube.TV, which is exclusive to only YouTube videos.

via Search YouTube Videos Without A Browser With Desktube TV.

Help protect your system with HostsFile.org

I have three little kids (6, 4 and 2 years) and they’re becoming very tech savvy. Two have Nintentdo DS’s and they all play the original XBOX, the XBOX 360 and the Wii. They are also eager internet users and although I can filter the games and activities on the game consoles quite easily, keeping control of the wild nature of the net is a far more difficult task. I therefore need to have a few tools in my arsenal to keep my kids innocence in tact and ensure that they’re only leaning how to cook master chef style and enjoying some time with Jay and Justine on Play School. That’s where HostsFile.org comes in.

So you think your computer is secure? Think again! Let us tell you why it is not.

The Internet is full of places you don’t want your computer wandering into. Sites that install spyware, adware, viruses, mass-mailers, and worse. Many of these bad sites are well-known to Internet security researchers. Nothing on your computer should be allowed to connect to these known bad sites. Other sites are more of an annoyance. These are sites that slow your web browser down with advertisements or try to track everywhere you go on the web. Then there are hate, gambling, pornography and other “adult” sites. You might think these types of sites are fine if you’re an adult, but these sites are often used as launching platforms for programs that are aimed at taking control of your computer.

Unfortunately, your computer will go anywhere it’s told. Every time you do an innocent web search, you risk going to a new web page that will tell your computer to go to a half-dozen other web sites to get images, scripts, style sheets, cookies, movies, or controls. Maybe the site you originally went to is okay, but what about the other half-dozen your computer just went to without your knowledge?

You need a leash for your computer! Your existing anti-virus and anti-spyware software will have a much better chance of handling threats if yoiu can stop your computer from automatically wandering into the high-risk areas of the Internet.

via HostsFile.org.

So as you can see a quick change to your hosts file will allow you to block parts of the net that you not only don’t want you kids getting into but also things that you don’t want your computer getting into. With help on how to setup, HostsFile.org is a good start to keeping your system clean.


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