Defiance: TV Show or Game

I’ve just had a look at the trailer for Defiance and I’m interested in what this might turn out like. From what I can see there is a good cast of characters.
Grant Bowler has always been a draw card for me, ever since his work on “Outrageous Fortune”, a New Zealand drama series. He seems to get regular work hosting reality shows but when he gets a shot at some fictional drama it’s good to watch. Read more…

Broadband users are two- screen champs | The Australian

Broadband users are champions of the second screen, with three out of four people with home broadband surfing the internet while watching TV according to a study.The global study by telecommunications analyst Ovum found that more than half of people using an internet connection while watching TV used it to chase up further information on the content they were viewing.”38 per cent said they use the net to discuss the TV program on social networking sites such as Facebook, an element of the so called ‘social TV’ phenomenon,” the report said.

via Broadband users are two- screen champs | The Australian.

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